Stacy is a satyr.

I remember when we used to never eat vegetables that we didn't grow ourselves.

Sanjay is fascinating and mysterious.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'll never be able to do that.

At last, he found out how to make it.

Do you realize how late it's gotten?

When I was studying at Beijing University, my parents came to China and traveled for three months.

I'm afraid I need to ask you a few questions.

There were once a man and a woman who had long in vain wished for a child.

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Is his father alive?


I do hope you enjoyed the dinner.

We have so many things left to do.

Don't bring the dog in.

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It's almost bedtime.

I don't mind if it's a little cold.

I don't know who it was.

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Lui's smarter than Clay.

Fish and meat are both nourishing, but the latter is more expensive than the former.

I'm going to visit him.


Leith's criminal record consists of only two drunken driving citations.

They arrived from England a week ago.

I transferred the work to him.

Tricia is angry that Kevan disagrees with him.

These birds are different colors.

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This has come about through several causes.

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He doesn't love me anymore.


Morgan will be here only a few days.

Can you pause the video for a moment?

Martyn pressed his cheek against my cheek.


Try not to worry.


It sounds downright frightening.

It's definitely them.

I can get you something to eat.


Did we make a difference?

Kanthan is very fat.

The thief snatched the woman's handbag and took to his heels.

They weren't afraid.

A pretty waitress waited on us.


Why would I do all that?

There are not enough mangoes.

I was compelled to do all the work alone.

Where is Retiro park?

Fly, thought, on wings of gold; // go settle upon the slopes and the hills, // where, soft and mild, the sweet airs // of our native land smell fragrant!


They killed Moses.

We must face the facts.

I am interested in palm reading.

I met with them today.

We went to high school together, as you can probably gather.

That's not your bicycle, is it, Luke?

For Karim, she embodies the values of Bangladeshi women.

You never do anything right, do you?

It was God's will.

We never get enough to eat.

I'm flying to Hanoi tomorrow.

The runner jumped over the hole in the ground.

She was brought up according to the Jewish religion.


If you convert 48 hours into minutes, how many minutes does that make?

The meeting room must be able to receive all the workers of the company.

Aki Yerushalayim is a cultural magazine written in Ladino.

I'll pass on this information to Farouk.

Would it be real?

Alesszia doesn't speak English.

Why don't you ask Betsy what he thinks happened?

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A year has twelve months.


It's being arranged.


I have read a good many books to discover what the authorities had to say that made the matter a little plainer.

He denied the facts.

I didn't see her today.

We were walking on the deck.

I hate to be in the dark when all the rest of the world is in light.

How much TV do you watch?

I fail to see your point.

I never forget too.

She explained to him why she didn't like his parents.

Thomas noted in his report that the stock market was a factor in the company's failure.

Jeanne is very intelligent.

I'm lost!

It's a very good sign.

Almost no one believed her.

Ima has never been given anything.


He will stay in Tokyo for several weeks.

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Something wrong was about to happen.


She danced with him.


Chuck is a very wealthy man.

There were only two means left to him in order to get a bite to eat. He had either to work or to beg.

You can't leave us alone.

You cannot buy friends, you can only make friends.

Spyros is a fitness expert.


Warmer waters harm coral reefs and alter the distribution, abundance, and productivity of many marine species.

Work is so frustrating today.

I don't want them to see this.

He had a Big Mac.

It almost worked.

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I don't want any more surprises.


Stay positive.

Does Elizabeth help Skef?

Franklin attacked John with a fork in the prison yard.

He wrote the story about the things that happened before he lived.

In the end, one always ends up wishing to annihilate one's fellow man. Therein lies the sad fate of humanity.

Consider carefully what you're about to say. You have a lot riding on it.

This is the house they bought.

You're doing nothing wrong.

I feel like I'm ready.

How do you feel about his suggestion?

I came to tell you that I'm quitting.


That's how it always was.

She used the manual override.

I don't want to miss the bus.

We never use any sugar.

The investigators tried to identify the presence of drugs in the glass.


If you're interested, let me know and I'll give you his number.


Do you want me to help you up?

Hilda identifies as queer.

Sylvan is my teacher.

I have no choice but to kill.

It seems the only option to me.

I have never heard him say no.

She made him furious.

Don't forget your passports.

It is said that a new restaurant was constructed.


We heard that Rudolph had committed suicide, but we didn't really believe it.

Did you lie to Tiefenthal?

It's hard to know exactly what to believe in.


I couldn't go out on account of the bad weather.

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Marilyn was one of the first people to arrive.

They walked down the beach, holding hands.

Please tell me your location.

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She aspires to becoming a great actress.

These came for you.

This water has a bad smell.

Do you know any good German movies?

Please write to me as soon as possible.


The dog's collar is red.


Human intervention in nature has no limits.

Many people attended that conference.

Lisa will write a sentence in German.

You'll never achieve anything if you don't study harder.

Barry's a smart guy.

She didn't show up until the meeting was over.

I'll do my homework.

They want us to come in right away.

The wealthy family built another large house.

Ritalynne has been reprimanded.

Stress can be a real vicious cycle. The greater the amount of stress, the harder it is to make smart logical decisions for yourself which only leads to more stress.

This is the driest month of june since the thirties.

You have stolen my happiness, Charles.

I was moved by the story.

It still works sometimes.


Samir's had numerous opportunities to set the record straight.

Excuse me just a second. I'll go and get the whiskey.

Count me in.

I gave him an enema.

Your flight has been canceled.

There's something I want you to do.

We heard him.

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Ramesh's sensible.

If you don't have money, you have to do without.

Don't be late for the train.


I think Malloy needs your help.

Mother is more anxious about the result of the examination than I am.

You must put on your overcoat.

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Without humility, courage is a dangerous game.